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Is an Infrastructure support services company set up by a group of Experienced Entrepreneurs with an objective of providing quality cost-effective G.I.S, survey and consulting Services. G.I.S Applications to suit the needs of any and all departments. The basic amenities mapping for smart city is planned and mapped with all facilities right from, housing, water supply, road, hospitals schools and technology improvement chances at each of these issues! INFOGEO is involved in professional surveying and Services using the latest technology with state- of-art instruments like Total station, DGPS, Lidar, Drones. INFGEO is involved in Geograpahic Information Systems(G.I.S) application development for areas which need sharing geospatial information . We extensively use ArcGIS and Q.GIS for the benefit of customers.
Our motto is “Customer satisfaction and economic feasibility go together in the success of an event.” Sustaining the long-term relationship with our customers is our sales vision. INFOGEO was started by entrepreneurs who have extensive knowledge in survey for more than 60 person years of combined experience. This experience has been acquired by being associated with the successful execution of large survey projects for prestigious customers. We have done variety of challenging projects and could successfully complete them within the stipulated time. Being a knowledge based company we have adapted to the growing needs of the market and necessary Pressure in such a way our new customers will always be sure about the ongoing of the project and the amount they are going to spend on job. We have done work for huge Building Complexes, Bridges, and Apartments, to prove our accuracy On the other hand we can also calculate quantity in a shortest possible time with our total station and s/w we have developed ourselves. We continuously work towards improving accuracy and reducing the time taken to complete the project. Geoinformatics is an emerging field catering to Societal, Industry and Scientific needs of the country. The Geoinformatics course reinforces the concept of creating not mere Scientists but “Application Experts” who are of direct use to the society. Geoinformatics makes use of Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). Geographic information is increasingly pervasive in information processing and its ubiquitous nature poses new research and developmental challenges and provides new opportunities for novel and interesting applications. A Geoinformatics is exciting and has a tremendously positive impact on the world. At the fundamental level, Geoinformatics Professionals are improving understanding of how the planet works at all scales while at the application level, they are analyzing complex situations, visualizing problems, and creating geographic plans and solutions. They are also increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and helping people make faster and precise decisions that consider all the geographic factors necessary to create a sustainable future. Further, Geoinformatics Professionals are improving the processes of communication and collaboration, helping to better coordinate work across organizations. As a result, Geoinformatics Professionals have an opportunity to make a real difference in the world. The Necessity of Geoinformatics exists in every imaginable discipline, such as Geology, Geomorphology, Mining, Hydrology, Agriculture, Forestry, Civil Engineering, Telecommunication, Ocean Research, Fisheries, Disaster Mitigation, Environmental Management, Health and Hygiene, etc. Moreover, it is slowly anchoring its roots in Social Research and Commercial Business sectors.

Benefits of Drones in The Realms of Urban Planning.

Drones are suited for mapping road, highway, and railway infrastructures – They can do the job faster, cheaper and safer. Civilian drones are experiencing a real boom. But what are the benefits of drones in the field of urban planning and development? In particular, what are the reasons to choose drones for mapping and surveying? Traditionally, data are collected by ground-based survey tools. But owing to low maintenance expenses, rapid deployment times and different types of installable cameras, drones can do the job faster, cheaper and safer compared with collecting data with satellites, manned aircraft, or road crews. Drones are suited for mapping road, highway, and railway infrastructures.

1. Automated Mapping

With the support of control points like known coordinates or placed markers, the drone is able to fly autonomously a calculated fly path at a given altitude. Depending on the equipment, the drone can take common high-resolution color and infrared pictures. According to the published paper, it is recommended that each captured picture overlaps the previous image 80 percent to the front and 60 percent to the side. The data can be sent to the pilot during the flight or transmitted after landing.

2. Cadastral surveying

As an essential component of the legal creation of properties, licensed land surveyors can make use of drones to define property boundaries for purposes like renting, buying or selling buildings or land. A further benefit is the identification of boundaries and land features with drone-generated pictures. These information are the basis for the preparation of 2D like shown below. This way of mapping boundaries and property assets can have an essential impact on the real estate and appraisal industry owing to the low costs of data collection.

3. Corridor surveying

Drones are well-suited for capturing infrastructure facilities. They are mapping and capturing all kinds of infrastructure for the government, urban planners, etc. Photographs can be geometrically corrected afterward. They often contain inaccuracies as a result of topographic reliefs, lens distortions, and camera tilts.

4. Volumetric calculations

A further benefit of drones is the volume measurement of, for example, spoil heaps, stockpiles, or material extraction pits. After mapping the site with a drone, it is possible to generate a digital surface model (DSM). A ground-based surveying would be more dangerous and time-consuming. Finally GIS software is used for mapping, geocoding, routing, modeling, reporting, analyzing, and data management. End-users across industries rely on GIS to enhance their productivity, decision-making ability, and safety and security standards. Developing countries such as China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Korea will have a high market growth during the forecast period. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), otherwise known as “drones,” are among the most important technological advances that have been introduced to the land surveying industry in quite some time. These small, ultra-light weight aircraft can be piloted by remote and can take detailed survey information while simultaneously transmitting that data back to the head office. This creates highly accurate maps and provides valuable data to companies and individuals who are considering major projects on large areas of land. In this article, we will take a look at how surveying with drones can help Oil and Gas companies get better, more accurate data.

Why Use Drones for G.I.S Mapping?

There are a number of reasons why drones are an ideal addition to any land surveying project and can increase accuracy and return on investment.
  • Highly accurate, high-definition maps can be created in a fraction of the time that used to be required
  • Data of all sorts can be gathered by the drone including photography, Lidar, and video
  • All information can be instantly uploaded to a server where it can be accessed by authorized individuals anywhere in the world
  • It becomes much easier to reach difficult locations with drones. This makes using drones significantly safer in certain situations.
These are just a few of the reasons why this technology has been so important to the industry. As applied robotics continue to increase in complexity, there is very little doubt that the capabilities of surveying drones and the breadth of data that they can collected will only increase.
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