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Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey is typically a first step in any construction or development project, it may be necessary to perform a topographic survey to identify various features and elevations of area land. Infogeo has 20+ years of experience in conducting topographic survey with remarkably accurate results.


A topographic survey, also known as a land survey or topographical land survey also known as contours. Topographic survey measures and identifies the exact location and specifications of natural and human made features within an area of land. The survey is then drawn up into an appropriate and detailed plan it includes human-made features such as boundaries, neighbouring buildings, walkways etc. The topographic survey also picks up natural features such as trees, ponds and ground contours.

  1. Having a detailed and accurate picture of your land can reduce the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues.
  2. In the case of purchased land, a topographical survey can reveal any information that might be hidden from plain sight, including the changes that have occurred on the area over a period of
  3. It can provide the necessary data you will need about the land before making any changes to it.
  4. It provides engineers and architects with the necessary information to create correct and suitable designs for the property’s unique features.
  5. It provides final as-built data to verify that the site was built in substantial conformance with proposed plans.

If you need a topographic survey, you must know whether the land’s features are appropriate for the intended use. Infogeo understands the many different circumstances that may require our clients to get a topographic survey. If you have any questions, please contact us at www.infogeo.in.

Topographic Survey Company in Bangalore

A winning combination of cutting-edge technology and 20 years of surveying expertise make Topographic survey company in Bangalore the industry leader. Infogeo understand time, accuracy and compliance fuel the profitability of our customers. Topographic survey company in Bangalore offers a comprehensive suite of services designed around your surveying needs.

Our team of highly trained professional surveyors can tackle a project of any size. Whether it’s natural gas production, pipeline, electric transmission and distribution, wind energy solutions, Infogeo have the manpower and technology to provide the results you expect and deserve.

Topographic Survey Company in Bangalore

Equipped with the latest Trimble technology, our crews can tackle the most rugged terrains to gather the precise data you need. Supported in-house with our use of the latest AutoCAD Map, Trimble Geomatics Office/ Business Centre and our proprietary Landscape GIS software, we guarantee accurate and timely solution every time.

Additionally, Topographic survey company in Bangalore extended resources and locations enable us to mobilize at a moment’s notice to ensure crews are onsite and your project is on time. With a presence in almost every major shale play across the areas in Bangalore and a staff of 15 Professional Land Surveyors, 40+ draftsmen, 100 crews and a dedicated GIS department, Topographic survey company in Bangalore annually more than 800 miles of pipeline and over 5000 wells. See what we can do for you!

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